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How to modify U disk card screen and content

Issue time:2012-4-5

Guest door: U disk control card and how to modify screen and content?

Blue: hello!

(1) make sure your screen and LED control card of wiring correctly, can use our company LED's control

On the card key TEST (a TEST of character buttons), to see if the TEST banners show.

(2) in our PowerLed software installed on good screen and, after setting, remember to click "asher

Buy to control card "the selection box, although can tip instructions to send failure, but has the parameter set

Buy to software.

(3) editing good programs, and finally export to U disk, at this time, please you remember in "contains screen and" before

On the choice of the hook on (" contains screen and "only need to first set control card parameters, don't check),

Then appeared in dialog box, select "yes". Click the "sure

Save "button, and then security uninstall U disk,

(4) will U plate insert U plate control card, this time program will automatically copy into control card, at the same time show

And a notice on the screen "USB". After the completion of the copy on the screen suggests "OK!" , can pull out U

Disk, the LED display immediately into the normal state of play. If U disk with many modifications are invalid, would you please U disk format, revise again.