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Support QiangLi P10 module SM16188

Issue time:2018-10-23

Support firmware download of QiangLI P10 module SM16188 chip (supported by TF-S/A/M/C series)

Download Link: Click here to download (recommended to use the right button to save as a download)

1、the firmware download of TF-S/A series
Applicable models: TF-SU, TF-S6U, TF-S6UR, TF-S6UW0, TF-A6U, TF-A6UR, TF-A6UW

Click here to download (TF-S-A_16188)

Note: You can only upgrade with U disk. After the firmware,

 the control card only supports the SM16188 chip module. 

If you want to bring the normal module, 

you need to upgrade to normal firmware. 

Click here to download the normal firmware TF-S-A_OK.

2、TF-M/C series firmware download

Applicable models TF-MU2015, TF-M6UR, TF-M6NUR, TF-M6UW, TF-C6UR, TF-C6NUR, TF-C6UW

   Click here to download (TF-M-C_16188)

The firmware of this series can only be connected to the computer upgrade, upgrade through serial port,

 network port, WiFi port.

After the upgrade is successful, you can directly select the scanning method

 in the screen parameter setting,“Data polarity: high effective”.

 When other modules are used, you can also directly select other scanning methods.