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LED exhibition announcement

Issue time: 2012-9-1 page view:


Shenzhen LongGreat Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd will attend the 14th China international Optoelectronic Expo

Time: 6th September, 2012------- 9th September , 2012

Stand:No.4 hall,4H16

Address: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

LongGreat will display all kinds of new products as follow:

1.     USB+serial port+lan port controller

2.     TF-BUS-U1  bus controller(display bus status)

3.     TF-BUS-U2  bus controller(display stop status& advertisement)

4.     Key count controller

5.     Sub-areas USB+serial port XL controller

6.     Sub-areas GPRS wirless controller

Welcome all customers to visit and guide!!!