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Domestic LED lighting fixtures appear on ASEAN Exp

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    The "2012 ASEAN Expo" held under the cooperation of Thai government and ASEAN Chamber of Commerce was opened in Bangkok on January 15th, 2012. This exposition was the biggest comprehensive one in ASEAN regions out of China. To spread the idea of energy saving and environmental protection, and enhance the awareness of environmental protection of people in ASEAN regions, 70% of the lighting fixtures used in the exposition were LED lighting, so that the grand exposition was paid more attention for the gorgeous lighting effects.

    A large number of lighting on this exposition were supplied by the LED lighting enterprises of China, in which Guangzhou Longman Company supplied lighting fixtures for 16 exhibition halls, including LED track light, wash light, LED flood light, LED tube, LED Par Cans, LED underground light, LED underwater light, etc., which were more than 20 thousand pieces.