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Product Description

Control card



Arbitrary partition,Multi partition arbitrary superposition,Program background animation,,Streamer word,Text strokes, Smart scan,support cross screen,video(video no need transcoding),audio,picture.


100M Ethernet+ Gigabit Ethernet + U-disk

Cascade mode

Not support cascade connection

Pixles range

Full color 512*128  1024x64 (Height max512Width max1024)

Lanport Communication

Control card default IP:, support network automatically search10M/100M/1000Madaptive, support U-disk updated program.

U-disk function

Support U-dsik updating program,adjusting brightness,modify the prameters,support the programs(which is stored in  U-disk) playing directly.

Hub board

2 x 50 Pin(height max support 10 pcs HUB75)