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Product Description

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1 of 12 into animation (rain effects).

2, 8 kinds of around border effect.

3, 5 kinds of bringing dazzle colour animation, also support the GIF animation broadcast.

4, support dynamic clock partition, practical, beautiful, generous, precisely to seconds.

5, controllable points: 1024 * 16/512 * 32.

6, software has the professional edition, powerful, simple operation accessible to.

Control card more features:

* support various common 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 scanning

* through the software can be set to change scanning mode with immediate effect, don't jump line, don't download program.

* super word stock. Bring your own word stock includes all of the simplified and traditional Chinese characters, including rare characters and special symbols (such as "㊣", "option", "囍")

* intelligent word stock, intelligent identification simplified and traditional Chinese, need not change fonts, in a message can also shows that simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

* special "hypertext" function, can input Windows system support all of the language (such as Korean, Arabic, etc), each hypertext words can alone setting color, size and font.

* support rotation, can show the vertical, support couplet screen.

* support to the days of the time for the unit is, the countdown, up to 9999 days, display format any Settings.

* each message can be set up effective time, according to the time of the play.

* each message can be set times ends.

* super capacity, but the most storage 300 items of information.

* support according to the time to be automatic switch screen.

* can be set to brightness, support fixed brightness or automatic adjust brightness according to time. Control card has upgrade function, readily available free updates for the latest firmware!

* special clock chip, high precision, long life.