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RF Wireless Module

Tel:   400-666-2961
Product Description

Model:RF wireless communication module

State:Batch supply


1.RF transmission is a wireless transmission.

2.It has a stable performance for communication.In a barrier-free area,communication distance can be 700 meters.

3.Connection:USB port connects to PC (desk computer and laptop are both acceptable)

4.To lead the antenna out the box,Sucker Antenna to be equiped on the screen side.(On the screen side,the antenna will receive the signal from the USB sender)

5.Easy to operation,just workable for direct connection with LongGreat's LED controller,unnecessary for extra wiring.

6.There is no need for special training while use for wireless Module,since it was the same for wired Module when it concerned to player software and way of operation.

7.Supported transparent transmission,suitable for alter LED screen information and other occasion that need wireless communication.