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TF-RMT01 remote control model

Tel:   400-666-2961
Product Description

Current status:batch delivery

1.Main functions

1)TF-RMT01 used together with our red control cards

2)When connected with RS232,the max distance is 100 meters,when connected with RS485,the max distance is 1000 meters.

3)Remote function.you can use the remote-control unit to select which program to play,change another program to play,brightness play,screen switch.

4)TF-RMT01 its own have buttons,that can select the last program and the next program to play,can select the first three programs to play thought the buttons.

2.Hardware connection diagram and the button function

1)the RS232 connection is 2,3,5,9pin(2 and 3 cross)
(Note:the power get throght the serial port,so that you cannot pull off and on when power on)

2)there is 5buttons on board,three bottons are used to select the first three grogram s to play,two buttons are used to select the last or the next program to play.

3.Program edit

Edit the programs through the software”PowerLED”,and set the time as “Timing”,and set the time as”60000S”

2)Click”send” ,send the programs to control card.