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Product Description

Support dazzle colour animation, analog dial clock, simplified traditional word stock, but the division of the fourth generation of LED control card TF42.

State: batch delivery

1, communication

RS232 serial communication, baud rate support 9600-115200 (the default 57600), software to be automatic search control card, need not manual set the serial interface.

Communication stability, each instruction real-time return whether on success.

2, control points

Take two 08 board of the interface, four 12 interface. Connect the commonly used φ 3, φ 5, and P10 ChanGongMo group, the controllable points as follows:

The monochrome: 32 do * 1024 column, 64 do * 512 column

Double color: 32 do * 512 column, 64 do * 256 column

(note: individual special module, the highest controlled by half, please specific points may consult our technicians)

3 scanning mode

Support various common 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 scanning.

Through the software installed can change the scanning mode with immediate effect, don't jump line, don't download program.

(note: individual unconventional special module, need to customize program to support)

4, display effect

The fourth generation of special dazzle colour animation function.

Support form.

Support four division, each partition can adjust size and scope (in multiples of 8).

Support simulation clock display, beautiful and easy.

Support and kind of the animation, every animation stacks up to around the border (optional single point or a fourth, quick walk or take care), beautiful, smart!

Large word stock. Bring your own word stock includes all of the simplified and traditional Chinese characters, including rare characters and special symbols (such as "㊣", "option", "囍")

Intelligent word stock, intelligent identification simplified and traditional Chinese, need not change fonts, in a message can also shows that simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.

Support various pictures (BMP, JPG, tiff, etc), support GIF animation broadcast.

Special "hypertext" function, can input Windows system support all of the language (such as Korean, Arabic, etc), each hypertext words can alone setting color, size and font.

Hypertext support rotation, can show the vertical, support couplet screen.

Bring a clock, display the time when any format setting, animation arbitrary choice.

Support for the unit to day is timing, the countdown, up to 9999 days, display format any Settings.

Each message can be set up effective time, according to the time of the play. Each message can be set times ends.

Large capacity, can store 300 items of information.
5, and other functions

Support according to the time automatically switch screen.

Can be set to brightness, support fixed brightness or automatic adjust brightness according to time.

Control card has upgrade function, readily available free updates for the latest firmware!

Special clock chip, high precision, long life.

Play software interface beautiful and easy, easy to use.