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TF-CNT01 counting model

Tel:   400-666-2961
Product Description

Supply: Batch supply

I.Main functions:

1. TF-CNT01 counting model can work with our TF-CNT series control card and other big size cards like TF-M5NUR/TF-M3U/TF-C3U/TF-D3U/TF-E3U/TF-FU/TF-FNU

2. The control ability can be 100 meters when equip with RS232, while with RS485 it can be up to 1000 meters.

3. Remote control function: program on-demand,program switch,brightness adjust,panel turn on/turn off.

4. The buttons on the remote control board for counting the value of first counting area '+1'and '-1',and the buttons below for the 'previous program' and 'next program'( with the same functions as TF-RMT01 controller)

II. Hardware connection diagram and buttons function explain:

1. Connect to RS232 port on the card, use 2,3,5,9 base (2,3 cross)
Warn:the power is supplied from DB end,please DO NOT pull out the serial port when the power is on, or the break won't be guaranteed!

2. There are 5 buttons on the board,two of them for program switching, the three smaller ones for counting the value of first counting area'+1','-1'and '0'

III. Program edit step:

1. Start 'PowerLed' software,click 'Edit'→'Add special area'→'counter', the number defualt to be 1

2. Click 'Send' option to send programs to control card.