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Batch supply

Function introduction Multi-area displays,colorful borders,U disk program update,U disk panel set-up,LED display asynchronous control card,Button count control card
key count Support two groups attribute (size,site,color can through the software configuration),cooperate with our company special key module,the use of keys on the screen to two groups counting respectively add,subtract operation.
Usage indoor/outdoor
USB function: USB program update, USB brightness adjustment, USB panel setup. Settings stored as a file format and do not affect the original document in USB. SD card/mini-SD card is Compatible when using USB.

Single colour1024x128;512x256 Double colour 512x128;256x256

Ports Two groups 50 pin universal output interface,support various universal interface adapter plate:08,12,75 
Scanning mode support  1/16,1/8,1/4,1/2,Scan the monochrome,double color module.
Storage 2M
Program number Support at most 200 programs,each program support 16 partitions simultaneous play,each image-text 200 messages.(Quantity in storage space under the premise of memory)
Display rain,fountain,scroll and much more
Border support many Color border,Picture border
Flash format support GIF,SWF
Image format support BMP,JPG,GIF,WMF,ICO
Brightness Level 16 highlighted,support manual
Screen switch manual
Test buttons Test buttons on-board,can switch over to test mode and color test mode.
Electrical parameters +5V DC(4.5V~6V),Power consumption<2W
Working temperature -30℃~70℃
Size 55mm*90mm,Hole spacing:40mm*82mm